I have written a book called Truly Willa. It’s about my story as a trans child, before, during and after transition. The words in the book are my words and what I wanted to say. I had to practice writing and reading it to get the words just as I wanted them, but it didn't take long because I knew what I wanted to say. My mum and dad helped me put my words into sentences to make it proper for a book. It was brilliant writing the book, because I knew that it would help people out there who either are trans or have a trans person in their life.

Before transition, I walked through life knowing I was Willa, but society was saying that I wasn't Willa. I thought I was Willa, but then people flushed that down the toilet. I thought I was Willa, but I couldn't be because society said I couldn't. Society took that part of my childhood away. 

Even the pain of having to go to school with really short hair. I felt like a girl with my hair taken from me. I know people treat people like me not very nice, and that needs to stop. People need to understand what hurts trans children and what situations they might have gone through. I think kids like me need books like mine to show them they are not alone, and society doesn't have to win. You can be who you are, who you know you really are! 

Willa Naylor is the author of Truly Willa. Learn more here.