Photo of classroom activity with a tweet overlay

During GLSEN's No Name-Calling Week, members of GLSEN's National Student Council, together with other students, educators, and community advocates, took to Twitter to discuss how to put #KindnessInAction and end bullying and name-calling at school. Here's 34 pieces of their best advice.

What does #KindnessInAction look like to you? Share a message of support to LGBTQ students and help us build a wall of kindness.

What does #KindnessInAction mean to you?


How do you work together to make your school safe and accepting for everyone?


Why might it be difficult to put kindness in action in schools?


How do you know when to speak up when others are being bullied?


What does kindness in action look like in your school?


I feel most supported by my school when _____.


How have you encouraged kindness in action to create a safe classroom?


What are ways you can promote kindness in action in your school after NNCW?


Graphic of 100 Days of Kindness