As 2016 comes to a close, we at GLSEN are thinking about the incredible progress we've made over the years to make schools safer and more inclusive of all students. And as we approach a transition in federal leadership, we know that this progress is at stake. 

Right now is a time to recognize the impact of positive school climates on students and teachers: Environments where diversity is celebrated and respect is valued can change lives for the better. It's also a time to remember that we cannot stop fighting for these safe and affirming learning environments for all students, including LGBTQ and other at-risk students.

Here are just ten stories that show this positive impact and remind us to keep fighting in 2017 and for many years to come. Help GLSEN keep fighting with a donation today.

Do you have a school story you want to tell? Share your story with GLSEN, and help us improve schools for all. 

1. Alex

Alex - #MySchoolStory

2. Elizabeth

Elizabeth - #MySchoolStory

3. Emet

Emet - #MySchoolStory

4. Kiana

Kiana - #MySchoolStory

5. Morgan

Morgan - #MySchoolStory

6. Oliver

Oliver - #MySchoolStory

7. Skylar

Skylar - #MySchoolStory

8. Spencer

Spencer - #MySchoolStory

9. Sydney

Spencer - #MySchoolStory

10. Todd

Todd - #MySchoolStory


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