For this year’s GLSEN Day of Silence on April 27th, the 2017-2018 National Student Council shared on social media how they are breaking the silence. With this year’s focus on highlighting marginalized voices within the LGBTQ+ community, some council members are either educating others on intersectionality and the importance of allyship, emphasizing the voices of those unable to speak up, or letting their true self shine proudly. We encourage you to use this day to continue engaging in dialogue in your schools and community centered around the bullying of LGBTQ students. Be sure to take a picture of yourself or your GSA breaking the silence with our sign and share on social media, tagging @GLSENofficial.

1. JuliaStudent holding a "breaking the silence" sign.


2. Em 

Student Council Member Em


3. MariNational Student Council member Mari


4. JamesNational Student Council Member James


5. Imani

 National Student Council member Imani 


6. Marcus

National Student Council member Marcus


7. DannyNational Student Council Member Danny


8. Soli

 National Student Council member Soli


9. Marisa

National Student Council Member Marisa

How are you breaking the silence for LGBTQ youth? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram with your own sign and #DayOfSilence!