A student holding a sign that says "I am strong, trans, and proud!"

In preparation for GLSEN's No Name-Calling Week, we asked students to tell us the labels and identities that they hold and want to be called. Self-identification can be empowering, and it can be hurtful when people use labels that don't match the ones we choose ourselves. These students are making a statement against name-calling and bullying by encouraging people not to use slurs or stereotypes, but to call their peers by the names that they identify with and give others permission to use.

You can put #KindnessInAction by calling people the names they WANT to be called. Want to share how you identify? Join the conversation by posting your own sign with the names you WANT to be called. Make sure to use #KindnessInAction and tag @glsenoffical on Twitter and Instagram! 

To get involved with No Name-Calling Week, and to get free streaming of LGBTQ-inclusive classroom documentaries, register here!


#KindnessInAction I am a very strong, very brown, very gay flower boi 

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