For No Name-Calling Week 2019, we encouraged students and educators across the country to create artwork using the theme of #KindessInAction in K-12 schools, because artwork has the power to change school climates for the better. 

Cole Mendelsoh, Milton Terrace Elementary

A drawing of a rainbow hand with a heart on it with a rainbow background.
How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? This drawing shows love for all.

Elizabeth Keating, St. Luke's School

A poster that says "Friends Come In All Different Sizes" A pink and yellow poster that says "People Come In All Different Shapes" A poster that says "Love Comes In All Different Colors"

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? Our submission is a compelling series of Posters, which are a call-to-action and awareness building on behalf of No Name-Calling Week. It highlights the school's support of the initiative and showcases the school's various activities throughout the week. 

Mary Uribe, Minarets High School

A poem is pictured. It reads: A Woman: She is judged, She is labeled, She doesn't like her skin color or her curly hair. She is a woman. She walks around school, Not knowing if it will be a good day. She wants more than the thoughts that consume her. She is a woman. We will rise to apperciate each other. Not be judged by culture, religion or race. we will support our fellow women and not be sexualized or treated As items...we are women.
How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? 
My submission shows the support of women and human rights as a whole. We are all individuals of power and sacrifice. We are the future and the strongest people in the world.