For No Name-Calling Week 2018, we encouraged students and educators across the country to create artwork using the theme of #KindessInAction in K-12 schools, because artwork has the power to change school climates for the better. Below are some of the best submissions we received. Make sure to also watch our No Name-Calling Week Open Mic featuring poetry about putting #KindnessInAction by queer and trans students of color!

Darby Christensen, Olathe Northwest High School

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? We're bringing awareness to the impact of slurs and insults, particularly to targeted minorities and LGBT+ students.

Brittany Ahn, Johns Creek High School

A black and white photograph of hands and books

A picture of a student with red star confetti on their tongue resting their head on a book

A picture of hands holding red yarn over a book

A picture of hands holding red yarn over a book

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? This self-portrait is a tribute to my first grade teacher. She helped me with my speech, from sounding out words to being my inspiration today and even just a few weeks ago to calm my nerves before public speaking at a Turner Broadcasting corporate event for a mass media conference. She's my inspiration for having come out as bisexual and accept myself in all aspects, from my strengths to my flaws.

Whitney HS East

A wreath made of paper hands in a classroom. In the middle of the wreath, there is a quote by Jackie Robinson: "A life is not important except in the impact it has on others lives" A display of paper hands of different colors with the message "the hand of friendship has no color"

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? We are a small special education program. My students generated the hands of kindness to create a wreath. We distributed them to 140-150 students.

Adrian Adamek, Brookings Harbor High School

A drawing of a girl with a dandelion made of kind words.

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? It represents a girl inspired by my sister spreading kindness in the form of dandelion fluffs. Spreading compliments.

Gabrielle Hodges, Brookings Harbor High School

A drawing of one figure handing another a cup of coffee with the words "How Beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it. - George Elliston" 
How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? They are giving the other person coffee.

Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School GLOW Club

A tree with rainbow leaves that says "It takes courage to become who you are - e.e. cummings" 

How does this submission show #KindnessInAction in schools? This submission showcases the artwork our GLOW (Gay Lesbian or Whomever) club students created for No Name-Calling Week. It was on display in our library along with a variety of LGBTQ-themed books.

Thank you all for participating in No Name-Calling Week! If you missed it, you can pre-register for No Name-Calling Week 2019 and find resources to help end name-calling all year round here!