Student created art of several mouths with rainbow flags and X's crossing them out.

GLSEN's Day of Silence is on April27th! Here are 8 ways students can participate leading up to and during the largest, student-led action against anti-LGBTQ bullying and erasure in schools.

  1. Prepare by sharing to your teachers, friends, and coworkers over the course of the day why you’re being silent. Share with your teachers and administration the Day of Silence Educator Guide. You can find all of the materials at

  2. Plan something to Break the Silence, such as using the Breaking the Silence Letter Generator to administration. Host a teach-in, a rally, a dance, a picnic, a little after-school meeting to make some joyous noise. Check to see if your local GLSEN Chapter is hosting an event to attend.

  3. Promote why you’re participating in the Day of Silence by distributing flyers, setting up a table at lunch, or even making an announcement over the PA system to get others involved!

  4. Don’t use duct tape to cover your mouth. Use GLSEN stickers, buttons, and shirts. Alternatively, design your own swag that visibly shows your support without hurting yourself!

  5. Remember you have a right to free speech. If you feel your rights are being violated, submit a form to request help at the bottom of

  6. Use the momentum from Day of Silence to stay involved in making schools safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ youth. Sign up for advocacy alerts at

  7. Register your school’s GSA to get helpful resources all year long!

  8. Don’t forget to be creative, make it your own, and find new ways to end the silence and erasure of LGBTQ students in school. The Day of Silence was created by students, and definitely needs your brilliance to breathe life into it in your schools! 

 This piece was written by Danny Charney, a member of GLSEN's National Student Council. Find more Day of Silence tips, poems, playlists, and more in the Day of Silence zine!