Picture of a student in front of the lesbian pride flag

"when i think of pride, i think of all the black kids that are searching for a space to call theirs." - Imani

GLSEN's National Student Council shared what #PrideMeans to them on the GLSEN Instagram to start a conversation about what really matters to LGBTQ youth this month. Read their stories below and tag @glsen on Instagram or Twitter to tell us what #PrideMeans to you with your proudest selfie!

For more ways to support LGBTQ youth during Pride, visit glsen.org/pride!


To address what really matters during #Pride, we asked members of GLSEN's National Student Council what #PrideMeans to them. Here's what Soli (she/her) shared: "Pride for me is when I feel at home and safe for the first time in a while. Recently I was able to find a home for 3 hours with one of my best friends Zane and got to dance and sing without judgement in a queer centered space. I was high on the happiness of others. That is pride finding family and a community even if it is only a few hours. My favorite thing about being queer is going to events with other people like myself. Specifically the beautiful of the individual of being in an accepting place, feeling safe and joyous because of others happiness. That is pride." @musical_random_mess Want to share your Pride joy? Use #PrideMeans and your favorite selfie, or share your story in the comments! #InclusiveSchools #SafeSchools #LGBTQ #lesbian #gay #bi #trans #queer #nonbinary

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Sarah (she/her) from GLSEN's National Student Council shared what #PrideMeans to her: "Pride to me means being able to take all the different aspects of my identity and openly share them with others, both LGBTQ and allies, in a comfortable space. my identities as a queer person, as an Asian person, as a young person, do not outshine each other but rather come together and allow me to express myself as much as I wish to. it is an opportunity to not only celebrate how far the LGBTQ community has come, but also continue to advocate against the oppression we still face."  @sarah.bunn Why is #Pride important to you? Tell your story with #PrideMeans or in the comments! #InclusiveSchools #SafeSchools #LGBTQ #lesbian #gay #bi #trans #queer #nonbinary

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Find out how you can RISE UP for LGBTQ Youth during Pride and all year long at glsen.org/pride.