April 29, 2017, marks the 100th day of the Trump administration — and the culmination of GLSEN's 100 Days of Kindness, our campaign to share messages of support to LGBTQ students and build a virtual wall of kindness from those messages.

Although 100 days have passed, the need for sharing support for LGBTQ students is as urgent as ever. Keep sharing these messages at glsen.org/100days and make our wall even bigger.

Here's a look back at these 100 days: what Trump, his administration, and others did, and what you and our supporters said through bricks in our wall of kindness.

100 Days of Kindness timeline


They spoke, and you responded. Together, we've reached millions of students with your messages of kindness. As we near the end of this administration's first 100 days in office, add another message of kindness today at glsen.org/100days.

Day 1:
What they did: Presidential Inauguration.

Day 18:
What they did: After refusing to protect the civil rights of LGBTQ students, Betsy DeVos is confirmed as U.S. Secretary of Education.
What you said: "What do we accomplish by making people feel unaccepted, marginalized and unworthy?"

Day 34:
What they did: A public-school teacher in Boise, ID, finds her classroom's Safe Space poster vandalized.
What you said: "We all have a struggle. Mine was mine and yours is yours. I am with you to help make it a bit more bearable." 

Day 46:
What they did: The U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear the case of trans student Gavin Grimm.
What you said: "To the trans kids who can't go to the bathroom without having an anxiety attack, I love you."

Day 47:
What they did: Yet another anti-trans student bathroom bill moves forward in Tennessee.
What you said: "As a kid who often like they were born in the wrong body, I fully support and stand by anyone who is being affected."

Day 53:
What they did: Texas lawmakers vote 21-10 to limit transgender people's access to bathrooms & school facilities.
What you said: "Things have changed since 'LEZ' was scratched into my locker in '83, but not enough."

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